Controlling the Lego Mindstorms NXT with a phone.

Lego has proprietary software to control the brick via bluetooth. It's here:
(look for 'Mobile Application Software')

Unfortunately my phone is not among the supported phones list. I have a Windows Mobile device. To control the NXT with your windows mobile phone you need OnBrick. The download is here:

It's tough to get it to work. But here's how I did it:
1. On my phone in settings>connections>bluetooth I clicked 'add new device...' and went trough the handshake steps.
2. The NXT appears in the bluetooth devices list. Now edit it's settings and put a checkmark next to 'serial port
3. In the 'COM ports' tab, add a new one with the NXT. COM0 didn't work. Only 1 worked. Experiment a little here.
4. Launch OnBrick and check the connection tab to see of OnBrick found the COM port.
5. If yes, the fun begins!

I hope to write custom control applications in if ever I able to understand the NXT BlueTooth protocol.