Saphiro the Blue Dragon

Many people ask me where the building instructions are for building Saphiro, the #RobotRemix4 dragon. Here's a blog post about it. In case you are wondering what the Saphiro looks like, here's a video.

Contrary to the EV3 elephant this model can turn left and right and flap it's wings. It's also much larger and the sets required to build it are cheaper! You can build it with the retail Mindstorms set if you add the 42066 Acrobatic Jet model to it. If I have more time I'll also redo the turnplate. I build that with leftovers from the two sets, just for the video and never made building instructions.

The model is built with LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), not supported anymore, but still available for download. I would be grateful if someone could convert it to format. To make building easy, I made 'groups' of subassemblies. Hide or show them to view how it's built. The automatic building instructions create impossible situations....

Download building instrucions LXF

You will also need the .ev3 programming file. Programming this dragon is not trivial. I've seen many advanced Mindstorms builders struggle with it. Here's a program for remote controlling Saphiro.

Download program